The Company

A producer of vegetable oils and food additives in Bulgaria

"Bio Oils Kolev & Co" Ltd is a competitive, high-tech and innovative company founded in 2014 for the production of organic food and nutritional supplements based on a new integrated waste treatment technology.

Currently "Bio Oils Kolev & Co" Ltd has:

A team of highly qualified management, engineering and scientific personnel
Experimental production site that allows for real testing of technological processes, innovations and developments
Repair base providing 24-hour support for the entire technological process
Fully automated technological and production processes
Plant with a capacity of 200 MT/year for the pre-treatment and extraction of vegetable oils
Warehouse for 2000 kg vegetable oils
10 MT cake warehouse
10 MT seed and nut warehouse
Plant for processing and extraction of essential oils and medicinal plants (rosa oleosa, Tribulus terestris, sweet wormwood, etc.)
Line for processing gluten-free flours (chickpea, rice, spelt, etc.) consisting of 3 industrial stone mills from the Danish company 'Skiold' and subsequent processing to obtain various final pasta products
The company has an active and annually controlled HACCP certificate, issued on.... by the ...

The main activity of the company called "Bio Oils Kolev & Co" Ltd is in the field of production, sales, research and development and management of natural vegetable oils for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes as well as agricultural products.

For food supplements, the company operates on the open market with end customers under the registered trademark 'Message from Nature'.

The packaging process for food supplements is carried out in several companies with the necessary licences for the packaging of food additives such as:

"RAMKOFARM", Bulgaria, Sofia

- 5000 pcs. packages/month,

"PHYTOPHARM", Bulgaria,Troyan

- 10,000-15,000 units/month,

"Goerlich Pharma International", Germany

- up to 100,000 units/month,

Our next goal is to expand and upgrade our existing production line of cold-pressed vegetable oils used for nutritional and cosmetic purposes, as well as food supplements used for the prevention of many diseases and as part of a healthy and nutritious diet. The main objective is the purchase and commissioning of the innovative Freon 134a extraction technology for active ingredients and substances of plant origin, as well as their subsequent packaging in the form of capsules and tablets.

In order to achieve the growth of the company's production capacity and annual turnover, financing of the prepared investment project (by attracting a strategic partner or loans from private investors) and capital in the amount of EUR 1.2 million is required.

The financing needs in the coming operational years will be fully covered by the company's capacity if growth remains within the projected scenario, according to the attached business plan.

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